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  • Season 4 Changelog

  • This is the complete changelog for all the changes made on the reset of Superior Prisons Season #4!

Superior Prisons Season #4 will be releasing at 8pm UTC.

The team have been working very hard to push out updates, and make changes to accommodate for our Season 4 release! With tons of exciting new features and optimizations, we can ensure that season 4 will be something special!

Here are some of the notable changes we have made:

● Completely revamped boosters, and added a new shard booster type.
● Changed how the plot mine gui is formatted.
● Superior+ mine has been decreased in size due to being very large in compare to other donator mines.
● Prestige mines have been finally added after many requests!
● Doubled all sell prices of all mines compared to last season
● Added a ton more items to the shop, such as custom banners, more custom heads, more 1.12 blocks, more decorational blocks, etc.
● The lootbox dropped by the bosses now go directly into your inventory instead of dropping onto the floor.
● Every $100 milestone raised in donations, rewards will now be executed automatically for all online players.
● Server is now hosted in NY, meaning players should now globally have a better ping whilst playing on the server.
● Updated all websites, we now have a dedicated splash page for players to vote, view bans, etc. (Pretty cool right?)
● Updated the store to a much more sleek design, and upgraded our checkout system.
● Added rank upgrades onto the store - you pay the difference between your current rank to your next rank.
● Added plot merging onto the store - you now have the option to purchase a plot merge which will allow you to merge 1 or more plots together with one another for those larger scale builds!
● You no longer need to log out in order for your nickname change to register.
● Added a /beacons top command to view the top players with the highest beacon balance.
● Beaconator enchantment has had a 200x buff
● Tokenator enchantment has had a 2x buff
● Increased max tokenator from 1500 -> 2500
● Increased max beaconator from 1500 -> 3000
● Removed all daily claim messages when claiming daily rewards to prevent chat spam
•● Instead of getting a prestige lootbox every 25 prestiges, you now have a 5% chance to get a lootbox on every single prestige, meaning you would need to prestige atleast 20 times at minimum to get a prestige lootbox, if you are very unlucky.
● Max prestige has now been increased to 10k,

We hope you enjoy all the changes we have made this season and we look forward to seeing you all online later today!

- Firosee | Founder of Superior Prisons