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  • Season 5 Changelog

  • This is the complete changelog for all the changes made on the reset of Superior Prisons Season #5!

Superior Prisons Season #5 will be releasing tomrrow at 9pm UTC.

The team have been working very hard to push out updates, and make changes to accommodate for our Season 5 release! With tons of exciting new features and optimizations, we can ensure that season 5 will be something special!

Here are some of the notable changes we have made:

● Finally added Auto Miners! These have now been fully released and tested to ensure stability, autominers are now fully gui based and do not need to be spawned inside of a mine to work.
● Added a brand new custom formatted /buy gui interface.
● Completely swapped out our server core, doing so fixed the random disconnect issues for "netty exploit" & related random kicks, block glitch patches, & more!
● Brand new custom exclusive builds, including Spawn, Boss Arena, PvP & brand new mines!
● Z Mine & All Donator mines have all been increased from 35x35 -> 75x75!
● All holograms have now been changed to act packet based, meaning if you dont have much allocated ram to your minecraft, you will no longer receive lag when around places like spawn which have a bunch of holograms.
● You can now reset the mine you are mining inside of, by clicking the hologram which is at the top center of the mine.
● Custom Enchantments have been removed due to not being very balanced with all the other server features.
● Brand new Nitro Lootbox which will be given instead of the $5 buycraft credit per boost, players will now get 1 nitro lootbox every 2 weeks they have boosted our server for, per boost.
● Removed Key Lockers as they are no longer needed due to crates going virtual.
● Heavily buffed lower tier ranked reclaim rewards, as they were not very good for a one time claim.
● Completely redesigned the kit gui to a much more modern interface.
● Added a Superior+ kit to the /kit menu
● Added Efficiency enchantment upgrade inside the "Armor & Tools" section of the upgrade menu.
● Added a new command /toggleproc which will now allow you to toggle off specific activation messages for token enchantments, thus no longer spamming your chat.
● Added a brand new enchantment called "Lucky", which will be replacing the placed lucky blocks inside of the mines!
● Added a brand new enchantment called "Ascension", which will randomly upgrade +1 level of an enchantment on your tool on proc.
● You can now re-roll your crate key rewards! Get something not so great? Try your luck again and re-roll!
● You can now select an amount of crate keys to mass open at once by middle clicking on the crate. You can select the amount you want to be able to open at once by clicking the Access Settings option at the bottom right of the crates menu!
● You can no longer use the /suicide due to it bypassing dropping blocks in blocked regions.
● Fixed the re-roll animation in the new crates getting reset when you log out of the server.
● Fixed players not getting the default kit on join.
● Refreshed the layout of the /mines panel.
● Refreshed the layout of the /daily reward gui, whilst also heavily buffing both daily and weekly rewards.
● The daily & weekly menu has now also been combined into one menu, instead of having to click between multiple.
● When claiming rewards from the daily & weekly menu, it will no longer close the gui, meaning it is much easier to claim multiple rewards at one time.

We hope you enjoy all the changes we have made this season and we look forward to seeing you all online tomorrow! Make sure you let us know what your favourite update/change was in the discord!

- Firosee | Founder of Superior Prisons