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  • Season 1 Changelog

  • This is the complete changelog for all the changes made on the reset of Superior Prisons Season #1!

Superior Prisons Season #1 has already released! Check it out @ play.superiornetwork.org

The team have been working very hard to push out updates, and make changes to accommodate for our Season 1 release! With tons of exciting new features and optimizations, we can ensure that season 1 will be something special!

Here are some of the notable changes we have made:

● Blocked bypassing the amount of players you can add to your plotmine via using the command ``/p add ``
● Added "Grappling Hook" in hub that does launch and has a cooldown for 2 seconds.
● Rules on /rules have now been updated, adding rules and showing you the punishment lengths.
● New menu /color to open Chat color, rank color and prestige color menu.
● Chest shop tutorial has been removed from spawn and added to /help
● Updated layout of /chatcolor, /prefixcolor & /prestigecolor.. We have limited the amount of colors you can use on the server down to the 7 most popular, cutting out all the annoying hard to see ones, such as black & gray.
● Added +50 & +100 slots inside the upgrade menu
● Made disenchanting your items much easier to use, you can now select a toggle at the bottom right of the gui, or use /disenchant, it is now in a separate menu from upgrading, which just makes more sense.
● Increased item disenchanting return rate from 25% to 50%
● Removed lucky blocks, fireball & chat color from help menu and replaced with color menu & chest shop tutorial.
● Removed sponges from all prestige mines as lucky blocks have been replaced with lucky enchant.
● Buffed Explosive Enchant's proc rate by 75%
● Buffed Jackhammer Enchant's proc rate by 150%
● Buffed Lucky Enchant's proc rate by 150%
● Buffed Lucky enchantments rewards, for example, instead of the previous min - max money was 50M-250M, its now 100M - 1B.
● Removed animation from boss lootbox rewards, it now gives rewards instant.
● Added /bal to show a breakdown of all your currencies, instead of just your money balance.
● We increased the region for plotmines to the sky limit meaning you can now fly and mine whilst being inside your plotmine without any issues with autosell.
Fixed added players to plot mines not being able to enable /autosell & /sellall inside the plot mines.
● You can no longer place plotmines on edited plots, this prevents issues with plot mines removing any builds / items if you accidentally forget to remove them.
● Removing a plot mine from a merged plot will no longer cause the plot to become unmerged.
● Added brand new Prestige Milestone Rewards, you can now claim larger reward payouts for reaching specific prestige milestones such as 1k, all the way up to 10k. The 10k payout will change each season to a new reward, and this season it is a Permanent Plot Mine which will be given back to you every single season.
● Added a brand new queue system to the hub, the higher rank you have, the higher priority you will have in the queue, with Superior+ having the highest.
● Player groups now automatically update on the hub, meaning you will have your rank instantly, not having to wait 24h for the daily restart like before.
● Updated messages for receiving shards & playtime points to make them stand out more.
● The Ascension enchantment will no longer count itself when randomly upgrading an enchantment.
● Token enchantment upgrade costs are now formatted, making it easier to know how much it costs.
● Added a toggle player visibility item on the hub, to help those who want to increase their performance in the hub.
● Added amounts earned to the proc messages of tokenator & generosity enchantments.
● Added a brand new KoTH event at /warp pvp, this event will occur every 8 hours @ 11am, 7pm & 3am UTC.
● Decreased donation goal from $500 to $200 to receive keys when the goal is reached
● Added /beacons withdraw to withdraw beacons in a note form for easy trading!
● Added /tokens withdraw to withdraw tokens in a note form for easy trading!
● Added Voting Milestone rewards to the /vote gui, you are now given keys & lootboxes for reaching monthly voting milestones.
● Added permanent access to /autosell for all players.
● Z, donator & plot mines reset at 20% blocks broken instead of 50% due to jackhammer procs causing resets too often.
● Enchantments will no longer occasionally decide to not proc properly in plot mines
● Plot mines will no longer automatically reset the first time you go to mine inside of it if you havent used it for a while.
● Generosity now shows the amount of players it procs for instead of a % of players.
● We finally fixed the messages from plugins being sent such as "You earned 500 beacons" even if you had the message disabled in /toggleproc.
● You can no longer spam redeem multiple tag vouchers at a time, you can now only use one at a time.
● You will no longer loose your tag voucher if you log out of the server.
● Added a confirm gui to rename vouchers, showing its display name on the item so you can make sure it is displayed correctly.
● Fixed shards not being given from clay blocks inside of plot mines.
● All crate keys have had their loot tables slightly tweaked, more specifically Superior & Spring keys having some more of the new items.
● Buffed Lootbox Gkit rewards & swapped the lootbox gkit & cyborg gkit cooldown times with eachother
● Buffed the Prestige Lootbox Rewards
● Fixed custom skull items not showing correctly in /shards

We hope you enjoy all the changes we have made this season and we look forward to seeing you all online tomorrow! Make sure you let us know what your favourite update/change was in the discord!

- Firosee | Founder of Superior Network